Want to Know Your Neighbor, the Mayor Candidate?

If we’re getting to know him better, it would be advisable to share a few thoughts about his person and his life so far. Therefore please see the following lines as a short presentation about himself, his life, character and potential goals for this community.

Tackling the social aspects of life right from an early age, his parents always taught him to be kind to his neighbors and friends, to embrace his other community brothers and therefore he was later on enrolled to the local social sciences college, with thoughts of later on becoming a social care assistant.

Time went on and he developed a strong passion for his fellow community members and before everyone noticed, he was already conducting meetings with the local officials, in an attempt to share his ideas for the future of their city. Being brought-up with a friendly attitude and always a kind character, he didn’t find any trouble in seeing his neighbors as his brothers.

Always looking at people from a down-to-earth perspective, he tried to put himself in theiCandidater position, to understand their needs and devise a set of ideas that could lead to a better plan to change the fate of their community in a brighter one. He always stayed close to his people and carried out numerous public activities and social groups, where he showed genuine passion and love for his community and where people really understood that he always had the best intentions.

His ideals for his community sprung from his philanthropic character, his love for his fellow community members and especially for the
environmental issues at hand. Not only he intends to help his people directly, but he also wants to help them by providing them with sustainable solutions that will later on constitute a green, eco-friendly community.

Philanthroper by birth, social caretaker by education and innovator by hard work, he promises a better future for his community and will always maintain people his number one priority when taking leadership.