People are the Core Concept of His Future Plan

Remembering that his main emphasis is on the people of the local community, it’s no wonder why they will always be the main focus in all his undertakings. Since a community without a good livelihood is not a healthy community, the happiness and life quality of his people are very important aspects and he will try and cover them through a thoughtful plan for providing the necessary means for that.

Once again, the bedrock of any happy community is the way people are treated by the administrators which govern the local laws of the city. If he will get in the mayor’s position, he will have the chance to create better opportunities for the people of the local community and his plan will be easier to apply. He stresses once more the importance of a consistent and reliable healthcare, that will offer people good response and in the same time affordable costs. To go with that, the job opportunities he intends to create are meant to improve the livelihood of the city and make people live a richer, fuller live, thanks to the stability which a good economical status will offer them.

The well promoted “oppression” of the high social class will be ended and he intends to re-evaluatoppressione the financial plans and re-direct the high paying funds to the middle and low social classes, thus trying to obtain that ideal economical balance. Coming back at the life quality of people, the r
ural areas will be re-fueled, through many initiatives that cover expanding the economical plan there. All the production that comes from those areas will be introduced in the economical cycle and this way he will want to attain a better social stability in the rural areas as well. “People matter!” – he will always guide his approach by this slogan.