Our Candidate Promises, but What Has He Done So Far?

Ever since he was just a student he always maintained a people-oriented thinking and tried to put emphasis on developing his vocational skills that would later on help him tremendously in carrying out his groups and workshops.

Aside from his benevolent attitude towards people, he always had a keen interest in the environment and the issues which society brings with it. Step-by-step, he rose in the local community and held more and more workshops and mitigation groups for a green environmentalist envision for the local community.

Years later, he still uses the same eco-friendly attitude towards things and life in general and he hopes that the professional experience he gathered during his numerous exploits regarding the environmental services could be provided to those who need them most, the people of his home town. In all actions which he undertook so far, the environmental concerns were the core concept in his approaches and he tried to merge this green thinking in everything he did.

To that end, we must mention that he is well known in the local community for foundincultural heritageg and constantly frequenting, numerous groups which promoted the values that needed to be preserved in the city: social aspects, cultural heritage, health care for the people and, last but not least, the environment. So far he has managed to help numerous people find their place in the community, through its social groups, and attracted a lot of the youth in engaging in mitigation activities for preserving and maintaining the local heritage.

So far, he achieved what many couldn’t achieve in a lifetime, but all this is due to the help and friendly attitude of his local people, which were very supporting and to whom he owes so much. His work is yet to be finished, in fact one could say it is only beginning, as he always maintains his core priorities, such as social integration for his people, opportunities for family-run businesses, sustainable development for the community and quality and safe livelihood.