How you can help the Worlds poorest regions

The fact that millions of children live in inadequate housings shows that it is high time to find the best ways to reduce poverty in the poorest regions. Namely, it is defined that a significant number of families around the World have less than $2.5 to live on a day. These families struggle to find clean water and food. Unfortunately, most of them have no access to health care or educational opportunities. According to the recent research, nearly 20 thousand kids die every day primarily because of poverty, more precisely, from the causes that could easily be treatable in normal conditions.

shutterstock_145295158What measures should be taken brings the best possible measures to improve living standards in the poorest regions of the World. The first step of increasing incomes and reducing poverty in the poorest regions is to consider poverty as a global problem. Poverty is indeed a global issue, and if we don’t find proper solutions and apply sound economic measures, it might spread and become even more damaging. Economic growth, increasing employment, better education, tax reform and free donations are some of the actions that could show good results in poverty alleviation and improve life prospects of people in these regions.

Powerful nations sometimes do more harm than good

There is no doubt that a gap between wealthy and poor people gets wider every day, but what exactĨy causes poverty? Can we blame poor people for being poor? Causes of poverty are discussed less than ways of reducing poverty. This phenomenon is the silent killer. Many people agree that food aid is the first step to take when reducing poverty, but the truth is that food aid can cause some serious problems to the country or region receiving it. Simply put, free food can be destructive for the local market and economy in general. We need to take more long-term, sustainable actions to see real change.